Define and run rules

Workspace admin permissions are required.

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Rules are defined on a workspace-by-workspace basis.

  1. In Settings , click Workspaces and select a workspace.

  2. In that workspace, click Entities.

  3. Select the item (such as user story, manual test, epic, and so on) for which you want to create a rule.

  4. Click the Rules tab.


    • Rules that are not defined correctly display with a and individual fields display with a red border.

    • You can filter the rules you see in the grid. Using the text box at the top of the grid, enter text. Only rules whose Action, Condition, or Remark contain this text are listed in the grid. To clear the filter, erase the text in the text box.

    • To define phase-dependent rules, click the Workflow tab, select a phase or transition for which you want to create a rule, and click the Rules sub-tab.
  5. Click +, or select a rule and click Duplicate Rule.

  6. Set the rule's action and condition. See Define rule actions and Define rule conditions.

    Rules are added to the Rule list. Added rules are appended to the end of the rule list. Duplicated rules are added after the selected rule.

    Tip: You can limit the rules you see in the grid. Type a string in the text box at the top of the grid . As you type, rules whose action, condition, or remark does not contain the string are hidden.

    By default, rules are activated. For details, see Understand rule activation and performance.

  7. Order the rules. Click Move up or Move down to reorder the list.

    Tip: When run, the actions of the rules at the end of the list override the rules earlier in the list.

  8. Click Save.

After you save the rules, ALM Octane automatically runs them.

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