Map user list fields

Synchronizer admin permissions are required.

ALM Octane and ALM maintain separate lists of user list fields, such as for the Owner field.

The following chart describes how ALM Octane Synchronizer recognizes mapped users, using manual or automatic mapping methods.

Automatic user mapping

ALM users defined with an email address that is identical to the one used to log in to ALM Octane are automatically mapped for all user list fields.

If a user has multiple email addresses defined in ALM, only the first email address is synchronized with ALM Octane.

When the ALM Octane user list does not contain a user that matches the ALM user, then:

  1. If you defined a Default user for the ALM Octane endpoint, this user is mapped to the ALM user.

  2. If no default is defined, and the ALM user has a valid email address, Synchronizer uses this email address in the relevant ALM Octane user field. The user is not added to the ALM Octane user list.

  3. If no default is defined, and the ALM user does not have a valid email address, then the automatic mapping fails. Manually map this ALM user to an existing ALM Octane user.

Manual user mapping

Map ALM and ALM Octane users manually if the email addresses are not identical, or if the ALM user is not defined with an email address.