Synchronize ALM Octane with ALM

SaaS: Synchronize your SaaS ALM Octane workspaces with your SaaS ALM projects in order to view and/or update your defects in both endpoints.

Note: Synchronization is supported for ALM Octane SaaS versions only.

Synchronization overview

ALM Octane Synchronizer enables administrators to configure synchronization between ALM and ALM Octane directly in the ALM Octane settings area.

ALM Octane Synchronizer checks ALM and ALM Octane for recent updates in the synchronized items, and updates the other endpoint accordingly. You can configure the direction in which changes are synchronized between the endpoints: from ALM to ALM Octane, from ALM Octane to ALM, or both ways.

Workflow procedures defined on either endpoint are ignored while creating and updating synchronized data. For example, the workflow normally prohibits updating a defect phase from New to Fixed. However, if Synchronizer needs to assign a Fixed value to a New defect, it will succeed.

ALM Octane business rules are activated during synchronization. For example, if setting a value in one field makes another required, synchronization will fail if it does not provide a value for the newly required field.

Before you begin

Before you can set up synchronization, you need to have an Integration Bridge installed. The bridge handles communication between ALM Octane and ALM.

  • On-Premise ALM. If you are synchronizing with on-premise ALM, follow the instructions here: Set up the Integration Bridge.

  • SaaS ALM: If you are synchronizing with SaaS ALM, ask ALM Octane Support to install and configure the bridge. To ask ALM Octane support to enable synchronization for your site, open a ticket on ALM Octane (Help > Send Us FeedbackOpen ticket).

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Synchronization links and endpoints

Synchronization is defined by links, which you create and manage in the ALM Octane Synchronizer settings page. This settings page is visible only to Synchronizer Admin users.

Links are created between a pair of endpoints, namely an ALM project and an ALM Octane workspace. You can set automatic synchronizations, or run manual synchronizations to synchronize records between the endpoints.

Each synchronization link defines the following:

  • The directions in which the endpoints are updated (ALM > ALM Octane, ALM Octane > ALM, or both).

  • The favorites used to find records with new data in ALM.

Creating multiple links

Each link synchronizes between a single ALM project and a single ALM Octane workspace.

To prevent data leaks between workspaces, ALM Octane Synchronizer does not support multiple links between a single ALM project and multiple ALM Octane workspaces in the same site.

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ALM version control

If you synchronize with an ALM project that uses version control, ALM Octane Synchronizer conforms to the versioning rules. Changes made by the synchronization process are checked in with a comment: Modified by Synchronizer.

During synchronization, ALM Octane connects to ALM using the credentials of an ALM user that you specify.

  • When synchronizing an entity that is checked out by that user, the entity is updated and checked in.

  • When synchronizing an entity that is checked out by a different user, the ALM entity is not modified.

    • If the synchronization is governed by the ALM Octane side, a synchronization error occurs due to the locked entity on ALM.

    • If the synchronization is governed by the ALM side, the ALM Octane entity is updated based on the last checked-in version on ALM.

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Supported ALM versions

Unless otherwise specified, references to ALM in this Help Center apply to all currently supported versions of ALM and Quality Center. Note that some features and options may not be supported in the specific edition of ALM or Quality Center that you are using.

ALM Octane synchronizes with the following versions of ALM:

  • ALM/Quality Center 12.01, patch 1 and higher.

  • ALM/Quality Center 12.21

  • ALM/Quality Center 12.50

  • ALM/Quality Center 12.53

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