Define a Synchronizer Admin user

Shared space admin permissions are required.

Before using ALM Octane Synchronizer, assign the Synchronizer Admin role to one or more of the ALM Octane users.

For details about assigning roles in the Shared Space > Users settings page, see Set up users and roles.

If you work with multiple workspaces, make sure that you assign a user to the Synchronizer Admin role for each workspace you want to synchronize.

If you want the same user to be able to configure links from multiple workspaces, make sure that this user is assigned to the Synchronizer Admin role in all relevant workspaces.

Synchronizer Admin users are responsible for the following:

  • Creating and managing links
  • Scheduling and running tasks
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting errors

The Synchronizer settings area, where you create and manage synchronization links, is only visible to Synchronizer Admin users.

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