Comment on items

You can add comments to any ALM Octane entity to document the entity. You can add users and email address links to comments. This can be used as a way to communicate with other entity stakeholders.

Tip: If an entity has unread comments, an indicator is displayed next to the at the upper right of the window.

  1. Click at the upper right.

  2. Enter the comment.

  3. To address a user in a comment, type "@" and an alphabetical character, or from the Insert Image drop-down, click the Add Participant to Conversation icon and start typing. A list of users is displayed according to what you typed. When you select a user, a link to the user’s email address is created in the comment.

    For example, after the comment is added:

    The mentioned user's My Work clipboard icon displays an indication alerting the user to check the new work items in the My Work page. For details, see Access your assigned work.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Click X at the top of the page to close comments.

When adding comments:

  • The date and time are displayed next to the comment.

  • The name defined in the user profile is displayed next to the comment. If no name is defined, the user name is displayed.

  • The most recent comment is displayed at the top of the list.

Here are other things you can do when working with comments:

  • Use the toolbar to format the comment.

  • Click and to move a comment to/from a panel.

  • Scroll through existing comments.

  • Add an Emoji to a comment. Type a colon (:) to display a list of available Emojis.

After you add a comment, you cannot edit it, but you can delete it by clicking X in the upper right corner of the comment. You cannot delete anyone else's comments.

Team members can only delete items that they have created.