Create test suites

A test suite is a collection of tests grouped together for the purpose of running them as a group or grouping them together for a purpose.

Test suites can be used in a variety of ways:

  • You can group tests of a particular page, module, or section of your application together, enabling you to comprehensively test that section of the application

  • You can keep tests of a particular version of the application grouped together, enabling you to perform regression testing on newer versions.

  • Different people can run the different tests contained in the test suite, and the owner of the test suite receives the compiled results for the test suite's test. This method is particularly helpful for regression testing.

  • You can group tests of the same environment of your application, for example, the same browser, to compare problems between different environments.

When a test suite runs, each of its tests runs sequentially.

Note: This is not the same as creating a manual test that calls other tests. In that case, when running the calling test, there is no indication that your test is running steps from another test.

Create test suites

  1. From the Tests tab of the Quality module, or the Tests tab of a feature or story in the Backlog module, do one of the following:

    • Click + and select Test Suite

    • Select the tests, right-click and select Create test suite

  2. Give the test a name, and select the Test Suite subtype.

  3. Assign test suite attributes. Make sure to enter values for the following attributes:

    Test type The type of test suite, such as acceptance, end-to-end, regression, sanity, security, and performance. You can assign multiple test types to a single test suite.

    The owner of the test suite. This is the person responsible for the complete run of the test suite or the completion of running each of the tests contained in the suite.

    After a test suite is complete

    Covered content This lets you check if you have requirement coverage. Select the items the test suite will cover. You can assign multiple backlog items to a single test suite.
    Application modules When you are ready to use the test suite for tracking overall product quality, assign application modules to the test suite. You can assign multiple application modules to a single test suite. For details, see Work with application modules.
  4. Click Add & Edit.

  5. Click + to create manual and Gherkin tests to add to the test suite.

    For details on creating tests, see Create manual tests and Create Gherkin tests.

  6. You can also add existing tests to the test suite. Click , select the tests, and click Select.

  7. Save the test suite.

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Add tests to a test suite

Before you can run the test suite, you must add the actual tests to the test suite.

Note: Tests can be added to multiple test suites.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the Tests tab of the test suite, click the Add Existing Tests button .

    • In the Grid View or Smart List View, right-click a test and select Add to Suite.

  2. In the Select tests dialog, box select all the tests you want to include.

  3. Click Select.

    The tests are then added to the test suite's test grid.

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