Manual test syntax

If you are using the Text Editor, use the following syntax to add steps:

  • Start each step with a hyphen and a space.

  • Start each validation step with a hyphen, a space, and a question mark.

  • Start each call step with a hyphen, a space, and then the @ followed by the ID of the test that you want to call. The ID of the test becomes a hyperlink that opens the actual called test.

  • A step can span multiple lines. Do not put a hyphen and a space before subsequent lines.

Note: When working in the text editor, a red X displays next to any lines that are not syntactically or logically correct. For example, a call step cannot call the test in which it is contained.

Basic example

- Enter user name. 
- Enter password. 
- Press <ENTER>.
- ? Was login successful? 

Example that calls another test

- @1005 Call <Log into shopping cart> 
- Scroll up and down to review the cart. 
- Select the item(s) to delete from the cart.
- Click <DELETE>.
- Confirm the deletion.
- ? Is the display of the cart empty?