Access your assigned work

Keep an eye on your work with this personalized to-do list of work items, listed in brief by category. You can filter to display only items for the current sprint of any open release.

The following items are listed in the My Work page:

Assigned items

Assigned items may include user stories, defects, and quality stories.

These items will be listed if they are in a phase that belongs to the New, In Progress, or In Testing metaphases. My Work will not show backlog items marked as Done, or items set to a custom phase that indicates a completed or deactivated status.

You will only see items that are assigned to you.


Tests will be listed if they are in a phase that belongs to the New or In Design metaphases. You will see tests in My Work if you are the test owner.

You can change a test's phase or add comments here. Test descriptions are view-only.

Test runs

Test runs assigned to you will be listed if they are in Planned, Not Completed, or Blocked status. Passed, Failed, or Obsolete runs will not display.

You can run your assigned test runs here. Test run releases, environments, and run descriptions are view-only and cannot be changed here.

Mention in comments Comments addressed to mentioned users are displayed in the Mention in comments list. The mentioned users can click the relevant comment to view the full list of comments related to a particular item, and can respond. For details about comments, see Comment on items.

For details on phases and metaphases, see Set up workflow phases and transitions. For details on test runs, see Plan test or test suite runs.

  1. In the top banner, click My Work .

    A notification displays when items are assigned to you. After closing the My Work browser page, the notification clears.

  2. Your display will display only a few items in each category. Click a category title to display all items in that category. For example, to view all your Backlog items, click the Backlog title in the list.

Action How to
Toggle between new and all items Use the links in the header.
View items in the current sprint

At the top left of your page, click Release: [Show All]. Choose any open release. The list now displays only items belonging to the current sprint for that release. A sprint timeline will also appear, indicating time remaining and progress made.

Display more information

Select an item. You can then:

  • Change an item's phase

  • Add comments

  • Run a planned test run

See assigned items for team members

Team leaders can see items assigned to team members by clicking the user avatar and selecting a team member.

Go to item details Click the item's ID number or the item name.