Advance the phase of an item

ALM Octane uses phases to represent the status of an item.

As items are designed and developed, you can advance their progress from phase to phase with a click of a button.

Example: Defect phases include: 

New --> Opened --> Fixed --> Proposed Closed --> Closed --> Obsolete

The example above demonstrates a primary transition path. In this example, when a defect has the status of New, its next phase in the workflow is most likely to be Opened. However alternative paths can be defined, enabling you to choose a different status instead, such as Rejected.

Phases are categorized into metaphases. When viewing widgets in the dashboard, the data is often compiled according to the metaphase categories.

Metaphase Phases
New New, Deferred
In progress Opened
In testing Fixed, Proposed Closed

Duplicate, Closed, Rejected

Workspace admins can customize the available phases and their workflow in the Settings area. For details, see Set up workflow phases and transitions.

To advance the phase of an item:

  1. Locate and open the details of the item whose status you want to change.

  2. The next phase in the item's primary path is displayed.

    • To select the next phase, click the phase.

    • To advance to a different phase in an alternative path, save the item, click the drop-down arrow, and select a different phase.