Report and track product defects

You can report defects:

  • From the Backlog module, the Quality module, or the Defects module

  • While running a manual test

  • When analyzing automated test failures

Report defects

  1. You can report defects in various areas of ALM Octane.

    Where How
    In the Backlog module
    1. In the tree, navigate to the feature under which you want to define the defect. (Optional)

    2. Click +.

    3. In the Type dropdown, select Defect.

    4. If you want to create the defect directly under the backlog root and not under a feature, set the Feature field to Backlog.

    Inside a user story

    Navigate to the user story:

    1. Select the Details tab.

    2. In the toolbar, click Report Defect.

    In the Quality module In the Defects tab, click +.
    In the Defects module Click +.
    While running a manual test

    Click and then Add new defect.

    Inside a test run (after running a test)

    In the Quality module or the Backlog module, select the Tests tab.

    1. Open the relevant test by clicking its link in the grid.

    2. In the Runs tab, open or select a run.

    3. Click Report Defect.

    In the Failure Analysis tab of a pipeline's latest run

    In the Pipelines module, if the pipeline's latest run includes failed tests, open the pipeline run and select the Failure Analysis tab.

    1. Select one or more automated test runs.
    2. Click Report Defect.

    The new defect is linked to the runs you selected and contains a link to the Failure Analysis page of the relevant pipeline run.

  2. Add the new defect.

  3. Open the new defect and change attributes as necessary. For example:

    • Change a defect's status, and advance it through the workflow. For details, see Advance the phase of an item.

    • Assign the defect by filling in the Assigned To field.

    • To make sure the defect is included when tracking product quality, assign the defect to an application module.

  4. If you are working in a grid view, the data is saved automatically. Otherwise, click Add or Add & Another.

Tip: You can tag the item by clicking Add tag. Select an existing tag or enter a name for a new one. Tagging lets you filter what you see according to those items with that tag. For details on tagging, see Attributes, tags, and environments.

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Fix defects

As you fix defects in the application, you update your progress by editing the defect's information.

  • Click the hyperlink to edit the defect.

  • Change a defect's status, and advance it through its phases. For details, see Advance the phase of an item.

  • Modify attribute values, such as Owner, Priority, and Environment.

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Monitor defects

See Analyze product quality and Analyze release progress and quality.

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