Run automated tests from ALM Octane

When working with ALM Octane, automated tests are always run by CI servers, such as Jenkins. The tests run as part of a pipeline.

After you create the pipeline in ALM Octane and the pipeline runs on the CI server, any automated tests the pipeline ran are reflected in ALM Octane.

The test run results are sent to ALM Octane, and incorporated in the quality analysis.

This enables you to view automated test run results along with manual test run results when tracking your product or release quality.

Prerequisite: Add automated tests. This includes setting up integration with your CI server, creating a pipeline in ALM Octane, and running it for the first time.

Running automated tests again: To run your automated tests again, and have the updated results sent to ALM Octane, you must run the whole pipeline. For details, see Run pipelines.

This runs all automated tests that are run by steps in this pipeline.

ALM Octane collects the test run results, and creates automated test entities associated with the results.

  • If the relevant automated test already exists, the results are associated with that test.

  • If the test already ran with the same environment settings as the current run, the new results replace those of the previous run.

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