Plan test or test suite runs

When you plan a test run or a test suite run, you assign a number of key attributes for the test ahead of time: who runs the test, the environment on which the test is run, and the release for the test run result analysis. This ensures that tests run in a timely manner and cover all necessary parts of your application's development.

Define a test or test suite run

  1. In the Quality module, select the Tests tab.

  2. Select or create the test(s).

  3. For the test suite, ensure all required tests are contained in the test suite and the tests are in the correct sequence.

  4. In the test Details tab, confirm that the test is in a phase that enables it to run. For example, tests in the Obsolete phase will not run.

  5. In the toolbar, click Plan Run .

  6. In the Plan Run dialog box, define the following:

    • Run name or Suite name

    • Release: The release to which the test run is assigned. This ensures that the test results are shared with the relevant release and represented in dashboard graphs for that release.

      You can plan a test run using test scripts from any release, even for a test or test suite that was already run in a previous release. Select the Use a version from another release check box, and specify the release of the script version that you want to use. If there is more than one script version related to the release you selected, the latest script version will be used.

    • Default environment for the test run

      Note: For convenience, the Environment field automatically loads your recent environment selections when you plan additional test runs.

    • Assign to/ Default assign to: The user who runs the test or test suites.

      If you are having different users run a test suite, leave this field blank.

  7. Click Plan.

The planned test run is displayed in its owner's My Work list.

Note: The test run owner cannot change the Release or Environment details for a test run.

In addition, a Planned tag is added to the available Run Status tags in the attribute and filter list on the right pane of the window.

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Edit planned test or test run suites

Even after planning and assigning a test run, you can modify planned test run details:

  1. In the Quality module's Tests tab or My Work list, select the ID of the test or suite you wish to run.

  2. In the test details, click the Runs tab.

    If you are using the grid view, ensure the Run by column is displayed.

  3. From the Runs tab, click the test run or test suite run ID to go to the run details page.

  4. In the run details page, modify the Run by owner or the description as needed.

    Note: To change the environment or release of a particular test's run, you must plan a new test run.

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Run tests/test suites independently

You can run an individual test independently, whether or not it is assigned to you as a planned test run. This enables you to run the test in different environments.

To independently run a single test that does not belong to a suite:

In the Quality module's Tests tab

Select a test and:

  • Right-click the test ID and click Run Test

  • In the toolbar, click Run .

In the My Work list
  1. Click a test ID to go to the details page

  2. In the toolbar, click Run .

Note: Individual test runs (outside of a planned run) for tests contained in a test suite are disabled.

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