What's new

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane versions 12.53.18 and 12.53.19:

Preview pane

  • A Preview pane for backlog items and tests is now available in the Team Backlog, Quality, and Defects modules. You can update the item's phase and add comments directly from the Preview pane.

    In addition, this preview view is available inside selection dialogs when adding items, such as tests for a test suite:

    For details, see Preview an item.

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Board views

We made the following improvements to the task and story boards:

  • Work with defects in a story board in the Defects module:

  • You can add new stories directly from inside the story board:

  • You can scroll each column inside the board independently.

  • In the Team Backlog module, drag and drop items from the board to a team member bucket to assign the item to a team member.

  • Merge, minimize, or hide story board columns.

  • The story board now provides a combined view for user stories, quality stories and defects.

For details, see Use the task board to manage work and Use the story board.

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  • You can now create autofill lists to use when creating a new backlog item. Specify field values that you want to re-use in future backlog items, save the autofill groups, and retrieve it in when creating additional entities of the same type.

    For details, see Use autofill lists for new Backlog items.

  • You can now define filters and favorites using dynamic [current] and [default] release values.

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  • You can filter the application modules tree to display only selected top-level nodes. The Application Modules parent node then displays a summary of the selected nodes only.

    For details, see Work with application modules.

  • ALM Octane helps you identify application modules that have been recently affected by development:

    • Dashboards: The Commits by application module widget shows how many of the changes committed in your SCM are associated with each application module.

    • Pipelines module: View the application modules associated with failing automated tests.

    For details, see Identify application modules affected by recent development.

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  • The Overview tab of the Backlog and Quality modules now supports up to 10 widgets.

  • Dashboard graphs now support totals of number-type user-defined fields.

  • You can now duplicate an existing widget configuration to assist you in configuring additional widgets.

  • You can view dashboard widgets in full screen view.

New widgets:

  • Agile and trend-based widgets are available in the Overview tab of the Backlog modules

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DevOps admin permissions are required.

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Automated tests and failure analysis

  • Latest pipeline run tag. Filter tests and test runs to show only tests that are currently in use. The display will include only manual tests and automated tests that ran as part of a pipeline's latest run.

    Note: This tag is included by default in the Scope configuration of widgets based on test runs.

    For details, see Analyze automated test run results.

  • Problematic tests widget in pipeline. A pipeline's overview and a pipeline run's Failure Analysis tab now include the Problematic tests widget, showing a breakdown of tests that have not been consistently successful.

    An automated test run's Problem field indicates the type of problem this test is having. For example, Continuously failing, Oscillating, Continuously skipped, and more.

    For details, see Problematic tests.

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ALM Octane-ALM Synchronization

This section is relevant for SaaS users only.

Synchronize your ALM/Quality Center requirements and releases with ALM Octane, in addition to defects.

For details, see Synchronize ALM Octane with ALM.

Track ALM test results in ALM Octane

Use the new ALM Test Result Collection Tool to bring ALM test results into ALM Octane. Then track and analyze the results using ALM Octane's dashboard capabilities.

Using automation, you can run the tool periodically to transfer ALM test results to ALM Octane on a regular basis.

For details, see Send automated test run results to ALM Octane.

Call URL action over integration bridge

To enable the Call URL business rule action, install the integration bridge. This bridge allows ALM Octane to integrate with external applications.

For details, see Set up the Integration Bridge.

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Business rules for roles

You can add a condition to a business rule to apply the rule to a specific user role.

For details, see Define rule conditions.

User management

The following user management capabilities are now available for site admins and workspace admins (in addition to shared space admins).

User management capability Site admin Workspace admin
Add other users
On-premise: Set user passwords
Assign roles to users

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For a list of REST API changes, see "What's changed?" in the ALM Octane REST API Developer Guide.

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