Introducing ALM Octane

With ALM Octane, HPE’s fully web-based platform, teams can collaborate easily, manage the product delivery pipeline, and fully grasp the impact of changes. ALM Octane-powered teams and team leaders are able to make the best-informed project decisions to support the business and manage the quality of the organization.

New to ALM Octane? Start here:

Log in

Log in with your user name and password. For details, see Logging in to ALM Octane.

ALM Octane lifecycle

Review the ALM Octane lifecycle. This takes you through the process of building your product backlog, tracking your development, and checking the quality of a release, builds, and the overall product.

ALM Octane common flows

Check out the Common flows. These flows provide an overview of what you can do in ALM Octane.


On the right-hand side of the Home page, click Help or click Help in the toolbar and select Help Center to see help information.


Choose the workspace to work with. For details about available workspaces, see Understand the spaces in which ALM Octane users work.


Choose the module to work with.