Manage defects

Report and fix defects:

  • From the Backlog module, the Quality module, or the Defects module

  • While running a manual test

  • When analyzing automated test failures

Report defects

  1. You can report defects in various areas of ALM Octane.

    Where How
    In the Backlog, Quality, or Defects module

    In the toolbar, the dropdown arrow next to the Add button + and select Defect.

    If an epic or feature is selected in the Backlog tree, the selected item is automatically entered in the Epic or Feature field. If the Epic field value or Feature field is left blank, the defect is assigned to the Requirement Backlog feature.

    Inside a user story or a test (after the test run)

    In the Details tab of a user story, quality story, or test, click the Report Defect button .

    The defect is automatically associated with the feature of the user story, quality story, or test.

    While running a manual test

    Click and then Add new defect.

    In the Failure Analysis tab of a pipeline's latest run

    In the Pipelines module, if the pipeline's latest run includes failed tests, open the pipeline run and select the Failure Analysis tab.

    1. Select one or more automated test runs.
    2. Click Report Defect.

    The new defect is linked to the runs you selected and contains a link to the Failure Analysis page of the relevant pipeline run.

  2. Update defect attributes as necessary.

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Monitor defects

See Analyze product quality and Analyze release progress and quality.

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