Product quality

In ALM Octane, you have the ability not only to monitor the progress of your work, but also to track product quality across all areas of your application and project.

The quality can be measured in a number of different ways:

  • Test results of your application and the different parts of the applications

  • Defects per application or parts of the application

  • The overall status of features inside your proejct.

In ALM Octane, quality is tracking with the Quality module and the Dashboard.

Application modules

Application modules are the functional areas of the product you are developing. These can include different user processes, areas of the product, and so on.

In addition, application modules provide a way to analyze the quality of the product overall—not just for a specific release. Application modules are release-agnostic, which means that the details you view about the application module are global across all releases and reflect the overall health of the product across releases.

In the Quality module, application modules are displayed in a tree. This tree is a visual representation of your product, organized hierarchically into areas you want to test and analyze. You can analyze the quality of a specific area by navigating in the tree.

For details on using application modules, see Work with application modules.

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The dashboard

In addition to viewing and drilling down through product area details in the Quality module, the ALM Octane dashboard and widgets enable you to display graphs representing product quality.

You can view these graphs in:

  • The ALM Octane Dashboard module

  • The Overview tab of the Quality module

For details about using the Dashboard module and graphs, see Use the ALM Octane Dashboard.

For details on measuring product quality, see Analyze product quality.

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