As you develop and release your product, running tests of the product's functionality is a critical aspect of the process. These tests ensure that the released product meets your organization's quality standards.

What testing is performed in ALM Octane?

ALM Octane supports manual, Gherkin, and automated tests.

  • Manual tests and Gherkin tests are generally used for acceptance testing. The tester tries most features in the application under test to make sure the application works as expected.

    By associating manual tests or Gherkin tests with backlog items (covered content) or application modules, your test run results are incorporated into the statistics that track quality of the release or the overall quality of the release.

  • Automated tests are helpful for testing repetitive tasks, and performing tasks that are difficult to do manually. Automated tests are often used for unit testing, regression testing, and for continuous integration.

    Automated tests are edited and managed in external tools, such as UFT, LoadRunner, and LeanFT, and run by automation servers and CI servers, such as Jenkins and TeamCity. ALM Octane receives the results of your automated test runs, and creates automated test entities associated with these results.

Test run results are incorporated in dashboard analysis, enabling you to track your build and product quality.

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Testing entities in ALM Octane

When you work with tests in ALM Octane, there are a number of different items you use:

Manual tests
Gherkin tests
Automated tests

For manual or Gherkin tests, the test containing the test steps to perform.

For automated tests, an entity that represents a script that is stored and maintained in an external tool and runs as part of a pipeline on your CI server.

Test suites

A container entity that groups multiple manual tests and Gherkin tests into a single unit. Use test suites can be used to test an area of your application with a package of tests or for regression testing events, and so forth.

The test suite contains no independent steps.

Test runs

Each time you run a manual, Gherkin, or automated test with unique settings (environment, etc.), ALM Octane creates a test run.

In addition, when you plan or run a test suite run, ALM Octane also creates test runs of the tests contained in the test suite.

Each test can potentially contain multiple test runs.

The results from completed test runs are reported as part of the test run entity. In addition, the results are used by to associated entities, such as dashboard graphs, application modules, and so .

Suite runs

For each planned suite or completed suite run, ALM Octane creates a suite run entity. This suite run contains the runs from the individual tests contained in the suite.

When the suite's test runs are complete, the suite run report compiles the results from each of the tests included in the suite run.

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