What's new in 12.55.3

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.55.3:


Use OR filters

Filters now support OR conditions for more advanced filtering:

For details, see Filter items.

Sort grids by user-defined fields

Now you can sort the grid by your user-defined fields in addition to any system fields.

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My Work

You can now follow items in the Backlog module and specify when you would like to be notified about these items:

Your notifications are then displayed in a special tab of the My Work module:

For details, see Access your assigned work and Follow an item.

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Enhanced Backlog context filter

  • After you select a release in the Backlog module, you can now select a sprint to display items from a specific sprint.

  • Toggle the release and sprint labels to display multiple releases or sprints.

  • The Backlog Overview widgets are now filtered by the selected release and sprint.

For details, see Filter items.

Improved grouping for entities

When grouping items, ALM Octane displays more in-depth information on the groups;

In addition, where applicable, you can select a group heading to display it in the Preview pane:

For details, see Group items.

Add tasks when creating user stories or defects

When creating a user story, quality story, or defect, you now have the option of creating tasks along with the story:

Each line entered creates a new task.

For details, see Create user stories or quality stories..

Set WIP limits for metaphases in the Team Backlog

In the Team Backlog, in addition to setting a WIP (work in progress limit) for each phase, set a WIP limit for each metaphase:

For details, see Set WIP rules.

Change in terminology: 'Stories' become 'Backlog Items'

The 'Stories' tab in the Backlog and Team Backlog modules has been renamed 'Backlog Items'.

As with Stories, Backlog Items include User Stories, Quality Stories, and Defects.

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Pipelines and automated testing

Live progress indication for current pipeline run

  • The progress bar above the pipeline box is updated automatically.

  • Hover over the progress bar to see which pipeline step is currently running.

  • Pipeline run results are updated when the run is finished.

Increase involvement of committers in pipeline failure analysis

  • A user who committed to a failed pipeline run can respond with I'm on it for a specific failure or Not me for the entire pipeline run.

  • In the pipeline run, you can identify committers who have not responded.

    For details, see Assign someone to investigate failures.

Identify risky commits and features

A hotspot is a sensitive area of code, risky to change. A risky commit involves a change of code in a hotspot.

You can ... To ... Who?

View risky commits related to pipeline runs.

Improve root cause analysis for pipeline run failures. Developer or CI owner

Identify features with risky commits.

Consider increasing testing on features at risk and question feature readiness. Project manager

For details, see Identify risky commits and features at risk.

More test assignment rule management from the Tests tab

When working in the Tests tab, you can quickly browse the existing test assignment rules without opening the Settings area.

Easily locate a rule, based on its name or filter properties, and reuse the rule, edit it, or make a copy of it.

For details, see Automatically assign automated tests to application modules.

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For a list of REST API changes, see "What's changed?" in the ALM Octane REST API Developer Guide.

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